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What Others Are Saying:

  • Charlotte asked me for a testimonial after attending her coaching workshop. So I am writing it now after I seen the changes in my life take place.  I was in a process of changing my careers and her workshop helped me clear my ideas and find inner strength to proceed. I was putting off the changes forever partially because I was insecure that I can do it. It was a year ago and I am certainly happy I went to her workshop.  I am currently working in the new field and even already up to promotion.

    Sheri M.
  • Very impressed. Attended Charlotte’s seminar on sales.  I am a great sales person myself, I was curious if there is anything new.  I was impressed with certain details and pointers that I wasn’t usually thinking of.  I feel the difference now, by implementing some of her suggestions in the amount of my return clients.  Very happy I attended, time well spent.

    Doug H.
  • I cannot thank you enough for creating the frame for me to let out my ideas, and then re-frame everything in a robust marketing plan, with action steps

    Andreea M.
    Independent Psychotherapist

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