Are you a business owner or a sales person who wants to DOUBLE YOUR SALES?

Imagine, how would your business change if you double your sales…

Have you ever wondered how come it seems as though some people sell easy, and some struggle?  Well, there is no magic or luck to it; they simply know what they are doing whether consciously or not.

The workshop is designed to show you the UNIVERSAL SALES PROCESS and WINNING CLOSING STRATEGIES.   We will show you what happens in the mind of a buyer and in the mind of a seller throughout the buying/selling process; and how you can influence the sale during that process for the positive results. Result? your sales will drastically increase!

Why this workshop?

  • The workshop will equip you with the necessary tools to analyze the buyers tell-tale signs and the ability to remedy objections.

  • It will equip you with the ability to lead the sales process (as oppose to buyer leading the process).

  • We will show you the insights of a human mind of what happens during a sales process and how you can influence your sales for positive results.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Sales approach & connecting with prospects

  • Psychology of a sale

  • Perception & neuroplasticity techniques