Would you like to learn how to grow your business and increase your sales with the aid of Social Media?

Did you know A 2010 study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies found that consumers are 67% more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter, and 51% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Facebook.

Did you know There are 110,081 LinkedIn Members in Ontario alone and 76,006 LinkedIn Members in the Toronto, GTA Area?  LinkedIn members are business professionals just like you and this platform enables members to connect & network at the touch of their fingertips!
Imagine how LinkedIn can benefit your business by reaching out to tens of thousands of professionals and potential clients.

Imagine having thousands of loyal followers on twitter, thousands of connections on LinkedIn; and you will come to realize the positive impact on your business from knowing how to use these essential tools in today’s market place

Clue for twitter:

If you already are using twitter, check out how many followers you have – people who can see your tweets are mostly these followers.   The objective in using the twitter platform is to grow relevant followers, so that more people can read your tweets (expand your reach).  We will show you what followers to grow and how.

Social Media, when implemented wisely, allows you to connect & build relationships with your clients and prospects.

Seminar Agenda:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Google+

Additional Social Media Channels:

  • Instagram

  • Youtube

  • Pinterest